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You are in Charge 

Fighting for the needs of my children while battling depression and anxiety was the hardest thing I have ever done. These four years were a roller coaster of emotions without any sense of stability or predictability at all. The courage needed to fix it and the work that is required to change is now the ongoing battle. I know it will be a part of my life forever.

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Find Your Magic, No Matter What!

I want to write a children's book where the main characters have albinism and other special needs. I'm going to enroll in a Parent Advocacy class with The Federation of Children with Special Needs. I will become a certified Parent Advocate.

ADHD, Albinism, Brotherhood, Childhood, Depression and Anxiety, find your magic, grief, Learning, Mommy Journey, Motherhood, Teaching

The Sun Sets Without Magic Tonight

Losing control is not a luxury I can afford. Yelling and showing emotion only overloads his sensory system even more, making things worse. So, I do what the behavioral therapists have taught me to do, I stay calm, give as little attention as possible and stick to my guns. It sucks.