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Don’t Be a Tree

Fighting for the needs of my children while battling depression and anxiety is the hardest thing I have ever done. It is a perpetual roller coaster of emotions without any sense of stability or predictability at all. The courage needed to fix it and the consistent work that is required to make lasting change is now part of my daily life. This ongoing battle is relentless in its persistence. That’s ok though because I am too!

ADHD, adolescence, BeYouTiful, Brotherhood, Childhood, Depression and Anxiety, Enjoying the Ride, find your magic, grief, high school, Kindness, Mommy Journey, Motherhood, Teaching

Magic Matters 

Did you know that October is ADHD Awareness Month? I never knew either. I actually can not believe I have spent most of my life knowing as little as I do about the struggles I face. Honestly, I have always just thought I was lazy, crazy, and...well... just not good enough. Thankfully that simply is… Continue reading Magic Matters 

ADHD, adolescence, Albinism, BeYouTiful, Brotherhood, Childhood, Depression and Anxiety, find your magic, grief, Kindness, Learning, Mommy Journey, Motherhood, Teaching

ADHD Awareness Month

Those who follow me know my son and I both have ADHD. I have spent the last six and a half years engrossed in discovering and treating not only my son's diagnosis but my own as well. It has been my life's biggest challenge. It is inspiring, defeating, exhausting, sad, and enlightening all at once. … Continue reading ADHD Awareness Month