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Bundle Up Boston

Two years ago my friend Molly and her family started a program called Bundle Up to help the homeless stay warm during the cold winter months. The idea stemmed from Molly’s daughter Izzy who was heartbroken as she learned about people without homes. For the past two years they have donated hundreds of blankets, gloves, hats, etc… to the homeless population in downtown Indianapolis.  
Let’s join their efforts and give ‘people that have no home’ here in Boston something that is practical for their unique circumstances – a sleeping bag to keep them warm. With your help we could make a huge impact!

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Buy a sleeping bag and have it shipped to us. I’ve created an Amazon Wish List and added it below. Just click on the link, buy the bag(s) and they’ll get shipped directly to us :Bundle Up Boston Wish List
  2. Donate a new or gently used sleeping bag on your own. Just email me at and I’ll get you our address to drop it off.

All donations will be delivered on December 23rd.

This date has been chosen because it was six years ago on December 23rd that Izzy was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and instead of allowing the day to be a reminder of  negativity and pain Izzy and her family have decided to turn it into a day of spreading joy! Through her long journey with cancer Izzy has always maintained hope and positivity.  She believes in the power of prayer and kindness. 21427323_10213949093664477_8632225052942663100_oAs her mother, my dear friend Molly said, “Regardless of our circumstance there is always hope. Izzy reminds me of that and she reminds me to live and give with intention.”
So in honor of Izzy and in the spirit of Christmas, on December 23rd we will spread warmth and kindness to people who need it most.  

    Read more about Izzy and her incredible mom here IZZY’s STORY



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