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Prove Them Wrong

I talk about this day so often. He was TWO YEARS OLD! He is legally blind. They said he would struggle to read, write, run….hell-they said he’d struggle to do tons of things. Steve and I nodded our heads and ignored their opinions about our sons’ supposed limitations. We promised each other our boys would decide what they could and could not do. He was an active, independant reader at age three. He insisted we take his training wheels off at age four. He played T-ball at age five. So for all of you out there being told no or can’t or probably not—-just remember-only you know what you’re truly capable of. So screw anyone who tries to hold you back!!!! #provethemwrong #albinismisbeautiful #jojoforpresident #proudmom #neversaynever #betruetoyou

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