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A Mama’s Heart

As moms we know a love like no other. What a lot of people may not consider is it also means we know worry like no other. It starts from the very second we learn that our child is on the way. 

If you are a mom of children with unique needs there is also a pain that you carry around with you-everywhere you go. The pain is so deep and such a part of your soul that others do not always recognize it for what it is. It is a mixture of our own pain as a mom and as much pain as we can possibly hold for our children, children who often can not explain or express their pain effectively.  This pain effects our every decision-what food to buy, the type of lighting we use, the clothing we buy, what we read, watch, and listen to. 

The thing is-it’s not a pain we want or need sympathy for. That would feel as though we were disrespecting our child or complaining about their needs in some way. 

I struggle when trying to describe this part of my mommy journey. Thankfully a friend of mine connected all of the dots for me. I hope it resonates with you as it does for me. 

Heather- Your sons are blessed to have you, a dedicated, intelligent, curious mom with a great attitude. You are not venting or complaining-things that all mom’s need to do!  The difference here is that you have described, in this case, the feeling of saddness-as not just your own, not just his, but as yours. Together you feel your way through it all and together you will enjoy a magic no one else could come close to understanding or feeling the way the two of you feel it. 

Read Heather’s thoughts below and enjoy the profound simplicity of her heart. 

 A Mama’s Heart

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