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A Friend’s Take On:     What Really Matters

I LOVE this more than you could ever know!!! Thank you Nanea Hoffman! You rock as per the usual. 

This just speaks to my motto. Figure out what fuels your soul, and then get more of whatever that is into your life. I do it gradually, in 20 minute chunks. #202020 and that my friend is how you #FindYourMagic @sweatpantsandcoffee I just love the way you think! 🌟💜🌟💜Can you identify what fuels your soul? Another friend of mine recently said that money was not her currency. It really stuck with me. We all need the time to be still with ourselves to figure out what matters to us, what makes us tick. 

We tend to get overwhelmed and shutdown thinking we it is all or nothing. You know the routine—” Ifeel better when I workout and eat better.” Turns into, “oh god I can’t get up at 5 everyday and how am I going to get the food shopping and prep done. There is no time!” 

Sounds familiar, Right!? 

No wonder    What I’m saying is we all need to be patient and kind with ourselves. 

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