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ADHD Awareness Month

Those who follow me know my son and I both have ADHD. I have spent the last six and a half years engrossed in discovering and treating not only my son’s diagnosis but my own as well. It has been my life’s biggest challenge. It is inspiring, defeating, exhausting, sad, and enlightening all at once. 

It’s safe to say I’m an ADHD know it all. So, when I discovered ADDitude Magazine I knew I had discovered the most comprehensive ADHD resource available. 

 I am pretty much obsessed with ADDitude Magizine and everything they publish. Sign up for their newsletter here: ADDitude newsletter 

I just, like five minutes ago,  came across their podcast series ! The discovery prompted this post. This stuff is just too good! I must share it!!

I highly recommend the website, newsletter, magazine, and podcast chanel  to anyone and everyone with ADHD, who loves someone with ADHD, who knows someone with ADHD, and who teaches someone with ADHD. 
In the spirit of ADHD Awareness Month share your experiences and resources in the comments. 

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