Dancing in The Rain, Enjoying the Ride

Benevento Family Mantras

Benevento Family Mantra #1 Never Tell a Lie. We will screw up. We will make mistakes. We all do. The only way to get through the aftermath of the mistake it to tell the truth and own it. It will be scarey. It will be hard. You must trust that the people who really matter… Continue reading Benevento Family Mantras

Learning, Teaching

Educational Philosophy

    STATEMENT OF EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY   My career in education is dominated by my experiences as an early childhood educator. My experience as a teacher coupled with my training and experience in supervision has inspired the following educational philosophy. I believe that all children are not only capable of learning, they will learn. All… Continue reading Educational Philosophy

Depression and Anxiety, Learning

Fighting for Happy

Fighting for Happy “You have storms and waves inside of you that you must not tame as the world will tell you to. Rather, you must make peace with them and let them roar.” -Andy Charrington, The Point of Pain We all have addictions right? What are you addicted to? Is it a thing, like… Continue reading Fighting for Happy